The BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION carries out scientific and technical activities connected with the development of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain network, the safety of the Blockchain network, and cryptography.

It also provides consultation, as well as individual and group trainings on investing in cryptocurrencies and achieving rates of return above average, using and implementing cryptocurrencies at the company, as well as implementing the Blockchain technology for companies.

We are a member of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association.


Bitcoin is only one of hundreds of cryptocurrenciesand cryptocurrencies constitute just one of hundreds of applications of the Blockchain technology.

For over 30 years of its existence, the Internet has completely changed our world. Blockchain does it even faster. And the social changes it generates, will be even deeper.

Like the Internet revolution brought about losers and winners, companies that achieved a huge success and companies that are already forgotten, even greater reshuffling in the market will take place in dozen years. And this will affect every sector which takes advantage of the benefits provided by the Internet and processes greater quantities of data.

The race, that the majority neither notices nor is aware of, has already started. The Blockchain technology is implemented much faster than the Internet had been disseminated in business and everyday life.

The potential of Blockchain is perceived not only by young visionaries focused on start-ups. Big players and the largest corporations are moving towards this technology.

In 2017, TUI, one of leaders in the tourism sector, moved all its booking operations to a private Blockchain and, thanks to that, achieved better automation and allocation of sale of hotel accommodation in its whole distribution network. As a result, costs were reduced and operation speed and global data availability were improved both for TUI system operators, as well as third-party partners.

When entering this market, Amazon launched a special platform “Blackchain Templates” in Amazon Web Services. It provides users with initially set structures of Blockchain that operate two versions of this technology: Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Linux Foundation. Thanks to that, programmers avoid time-consuming manual configuration of their network while developing their own programmes based on the Blockchain technology.

IBM made an offer to Canadian authorities of the British Columbia province to use Blockchain technology solutions to control and supervise legal marihuana production and trade.

The authorities of Seoul want to implement this technology to manage public transport and safety in the city, as well as to collect all lawfully required information about residents by 2022.

The United Arab Emirates plans to construct all public administration systems from scratch on the basis of Blockchain by 2020. Even Pentagon admits that it is working on the implementation of the Blockchain technology in its data access systems.

This handful of examples is just a small fraction of changes that have already been taking place. Do not ignore them: this may be very expensive for your company.


Shaping the future of using Blockchain solutions

Our key project we are working on is connected with the safety and comfort of carrying transactions in the Blockchain technology, including storing and transferring cryptocurrencies, as well as thousands of other applications, like, for example, medical documentation, access systems, identification, supply chains.

Solutions used nowadays in the market to store private data access keys and authorise transactions have been either comfortable in everyday use or secure. Although this safety degree is still not fully satisfactory for us.

We are working on a ground-breaking solution in the form of a new device which will guarantee both top security and comfort of use for all users. In July 2018, we filed an EU patent application describing our unique technology. It enables to place communication modules (Wi-Fi, LTE) in one mobile device together with a Blockchain wallet which is always physically separated from the Internet. Thus, there is no risk of a hacker attack. The device will have an independent interface to authorise transactions “on the run” without other additional equipment, like computers, tablets or smartphones. At present, in the market there are no such solutions which would combine all these features.

If you support our work, you will be able to join the first beneficiaries of the great market success when our solution becomes a world standard.


The BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation.

Income from the Foundation’s business activity is used to achieve its statutory goals, including in particular its socially useful scientific and technical activities.

The Foundation focuses on supporting public welfare without aiming all the attention on profit.



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